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In an effort to give back to the community, Innovate Vancouver provides 1-hour of ProBono Consulting for qualifying Charities & NonProfits in the Lower Mainland.


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Innovate Vancouver

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Portfolio Examples

BCMHA Emergency Planning Project

This facility project engaged facility stakeholders in the development of the emergency response plan, staff training, and facility upgrades (needed to implement the plan). Funding application and approval, site evaluation…

BCMHSUS PMO Standardization Project

This department project engaged the team to identify project management best practices, develop standardized templates to be used across projects, and establish expectations for stakeholders when engaging future projects. Standardization review,…

BCMHSUS Trauma Informed Practice Leadership & Development Initiative

This provincial project engaged primary stakeholders and facilities within BCMHSUS in their implementation, training, and development of TIP practices. Standards review; stakeholder engagement, communication, and status reporting; process mapping; risk analysis,…

BCMHSUS Website Project (Sharepoint)

This project engaged agency wide stakeholders to validate and develop the new BCMHSUS website architecture, content, and migration efforts. Content review and update; stakeholder engagement, communication, and training; software updates and…

Cisco Clinical Information Systems Project

This site project engaged programs staff and the Cisco team to identify, evaluate, and build a healthcare information and documentation program for the site. Vendor consultation, design of information architecture, collection…

Concert & Fundraising Projects

This site project engaged programs staff, volunteers, and committee members to facilitate a community based fundraiser and public relations campaign. Event coordination, communication, marketing, stakeholder engagement, branding, and fundraising. PMBOK Stages…