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Life and the business of industry are interactive and yet the business model tools that we often depend on for planning and strategic efforts are often deterministic and non-dynamic. The risks are often addressed by treating the technical structures, processes, and tools that are yielded through this planning efforts are ‘guidelines’ and not to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately an attempt to supplement the tool’s weaknesses with a loose process only often serves to make matter worse.

Dynamic tools are needed. The pedagogical constraints of the past need to be loosened so that the corporate and business student can interact with the subject and gain a stronger, Business competencies are dynamic and complex. Deterministic models are no longer adequate for strategic efforts.deeper, and dynamic understanding of the landscape. 

The following interactive business model tools are provided to support subject matter exploration, learning, and application across dynamic (and non fixed) contexts.

Current interactive business model tools are available for exploring the following subjects:

Links to some of the resources are included below.


Enterprise architecture includes the business and technology tools, assets, and resources used to run the business. Alignment is crucial.

The business culture includes the traditions, beliefs, assumptions, and rituals of the company. The business culture has a significant influence over how things are done, whether things are done, and the tools that are available.

Product innovation involves the steps necessary to understand what functions and features will be considered useful to the customer. This includes both products and services. Misalignment with the customer needs can be costly.

Operations innovation includes the processes, tools, and strategies deployed every day to keep the business running. Improvements in this area distributes efficiencies and gains throughout the system.

Supply chain innovation involves improvements to how the business model and relationships are interconnected. Improvements to the supply chain are shared with all the inter-dependencies, and customers, down stream.

☆ Strategic Innovation Plan Generator

The interactive tools available vary per subject but the following include interactive resources:

  • Flashcards
  • Questionnaires
  • Presentations
  • Sorting tasks
  • Structured information
  • Timelines, and
  • Documentation tools

These interactive tools can be used to supplement training, professional development, support strategic vision and goal setting, and establish benchmarks for future planning and strategic efforts. Strategic efforts require a dynamic vision and this requires dynamic interactive tools to better explore, learn, and experience core business subjects.

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Business competencies are based on having the ability to apply specific tools or models across varying and complex environments. Deterministic tools of the past are no longer adequate for supporting this leap.

What business tools are your team using? Share your comments below. 

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