Leadership Innovation, 1st Ed. (Book)

The tools of leadership can be used by anyone and yet to come across as a sincere leader the values of the team, individual, company, and the leader must be aligned. Dissonance between any of these can create friction, disillusionment, and impact morale. Using a leadership model that is designed and structured to fit both the situation and the task (i.e. situational leadership, servant leadership, transformational leadership, etc.) is crucial.

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Several models have been proposed in this book for the reader’s consideration:

Innovate Vancouver - Leadership Innovation Book

• Business Scorecard

• Project Management Scorecard

• Innovation Scorecard

• Situational Leadership Scorecard

• Innovation Competencies List

• Financial Metrics

• Innovation Concepts & Models

• Business Canvas’

• Templates, &

• Free (low res) Videos

The challenge of true leadership is to identify tools appropriate to the situation and to identify what types of support (see the situational leadership model) are suggested to help employees and teams perform at the next level.

Despite the structure of the tools and models discussed in this book there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to leadership. Different company environments warrant the use of different leadership models. Similarly, each company environment will be more receptive to different leadership models than others.

Leadership is not defined in a vacuum. It requires the ability to engage, motivate, and inspire others to higher levels of performance. Performance becomes a vision that is shared, aligned with the company’s values, vision, and customer needs.

Where will you begin?


About the author:

Travis Barker, MPA GCPM was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Vancouver, BC to found Innovate Vancouver, a business consulting and technology firm. With over 20 years of experience in the public, social, and healthcare sectors, Innovate Vancouver brings a wealth of experience and insight into project design, strategic planning, business culture, and the tools to support creativity and innovation.

Travis Barker completed his Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Master’s degree in public administration, Post Graduate certificate in project management, and pursued a Doctorate in organizational leadership (left to found a startup).

Travis Barker can be reached at [email protected] or online at http://innovatevancouver.org


Note: The 2nd Edition of this book can be viewed here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1979206295/

The 2nd edition includes additional content, videos (free), and access to the strategic plan generator (an interactive set of tools available online)

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