System’s Thinking and Volunteer Management (Book)

Volunteer Management

Developing a volunteer management ecosystem requires a systems thinking approach. The benefits of taking a systems approach are twofold: A system’s thinking approach supports the leadership team to harness the opportunities inherent in the larger interconnected systems of stakeholders, values, and interests.  Book is NOW available on Amazon! $11.97

A systems approach also accounts for the risks and barriers that exist in approach implemented in isolation. Developing such complex frameworks without accounting for stakeholder, resource, and system constraints will usually lead to a framework that is unsustainable.

A System's Thinking Approach to Volunteer Management (Book)A System’s Thinking Approach to Volunteer Management provides:

Templates, Models, Flow charts, Articles, and Activities with questions for your organization and group to explore the benefits and challenges of managing a volunteer ecosystem. After completing this workbook your organization will have a much stronger appraisal of the processes, systems, and structures needed to support a volunteer workforce.


Section One: Volunteer Mgt & Meaning in History
Group Exercise #1
Volunteer Mgt & System’s Thinking
Group Exercise #2
Section Two: Building a Volunteer Management Framework
Group Exercise #3
Group Exercise #4
Group Exercise #5
Group Exercise #6
Group Exercise #7
Group Exercise #8
Group Exercise #9<
Group Exercise #10>
Group Exercise #11>
The Mission Statement as a Business Hypothesis  A System's Thinking Approach to Volunteer Management (Book)
Group Exercise #12
Group Exercise #13
Group Exercise #14
Group Exercise #15
The Volunteer Management Value Chain
Group Exercise #16
Section Three: Volunteer Personas: Strengths & Weaknesses
Group Exercise #17
Core Competencies for recruitment Innovation
Leadership & Employee Engagement Competencies
Volunteer Management Framework Development – Gantt Chart

Group Exercise #18
Section Four: Volunteer Management Framework Business Scorecard
Group Exercise #19
Volunteer Management Planning Canvas
Group Exercise #20
A System’s Thinking Model of Leadership Innovation
Innovation as a Solution to Misalignment
Innovation as a Nonprofit Challenge
Building a Nonprofit Organization
Corporate Citizenship
Ethical & Learning Organizations: Innovation in History
Workplace Diversity as a Competitive Advantage
An Epi-Genetic Model of Emotional Intelligences

Disruption and Nonprofit Business Architecture
Best Practices for Nonprofit Marketing
Performance Management Framework: Opportunities for Innovation
Concluding Remarks

A System's Thinking Approach to Volunteer Management (Book)

Book NOW Available on Amazon! $11.97

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